Ara Peterson at Miami Basel





four views of Ara Peterson's site-specific wall relief inside one of the most popular containers of "Art Positions" at Art Basel Miami Beach last week.

This installation, of hand-painted, laser-cut birch plywood, glass mirrors and space, was arranged by John Connelly Presents.

It's my birthday, so although I already like Peterson's work a lot, I have another good reason to put up these images today: It's a very happy piece. I got some great flowers this morning, but no balloons; these colors and shapes will do very well instead.

Hey, Happy Brthday, James!!!

Indeed, Happy Birthday!

Many happy returns!

Happy belated birthday, James!

Happy Birthday James.

Thank you for this site. It means a lot to many of us who can't get around to look at art we love.

Wow! your artwork itŽs amazing. so intense, colorfull and surreal (sorry my english) iŽm chilean illustrator, and my work is on black and white. If you have time, please visit my own site on...

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