Michael Behle's earlier work

untitled collage piece by Michael Behle, probably from 1999, 16.25" x 24.5"

I was going to leave the preview stuff on this show to Art Fag City and Bloggy. But then I did spend some time today taking pictures of Michael Behle's older work, and another post might bring even more people to a Hogar Collection show opening Saturday which he shares with David Choi, I decided not to stay out of it.

Note, as Paddy indicates, Barry writes, ArtCal demonstrates and the artist's site seems to confirm, that nothing you will see inside the gallery will look anything like this image - or the additional two pix of Behle's work which appear on Bloggy.

We love Behle's older pieces, and have always liked Choi's creature sculpture. Hmmm, . . . . I just realized that the earliest work Barry and I had seen by Behle, even before we acquired these pieces, was also sculpture. In fact these collages may be studies for that series of work, which I've still only seen in photographs.

We're psyched for this show.

That's a beautiful piece.

A very beautiful work. But gee, I should have kept working. The above looks like my work from 40 years ago.