Times Square bomblet outperforms march of a million



In 2003 nearly a million people marched in the streets of New York against a war (to which the majority of the country was opposed even then) only days before it began and the U.S. press hardly mentioned they were there, but last night a small explosive was detonated outside the door of the Times Square military recruiting station, presumably intended to send a similar anti-war message. This time a protest somehow manages to stir the media.

Our democratic system isn't working; peaceful protests are not considered newsworthy. It would be nice if we could believe that the only people who are learning this lesson are those who would not consider violence a reasonable means of effecting political change.

[first image by David Karp of AP; second by Keith Bedford of REUTERS; both found on Yahoo!photos]


The Republicans are already spinning their response. They say it just shows how vulnerable people are still and how we now need to increase security again. Nothing about it being a protest over the war. Of course this was from WGN in Chicago who I say are like FOX.

I remember back in the day when we use to say, "Bring the War Home." Anti-war protest, yes. I would have to ask the mayor, Why do you think who ever did this is a coward? A picture is worth a thousand words and the above 2 say alot. It also reminds me that is what the people of Iraq face each and every day because of every one who walks through those doors.

Thanks James.

The Democrats also used this incident to spin fear in voters. One only needs to watch Hillary Clinton's '3am phone call' ad to realize that there are few differences between the fearmongering tactics of both parties.