I love New York

you now

It was just past midnight, midweek, and three excited friends were returning to Manhattan from Bushwick. I looked up from our conversation for a moment and spotted this bank of passengers sitting across from us. They were as wonderful, intriguing, smart, colorful and beautiful as every other group on the train I saw that night, or on any other night.

I love the subway; I love Brooklyn; I love New York.

you just think that guy in the colorful plaid shirt is hot. cause he is!

yes he is, Tim, and he was even more beautiful in person, but I'm both shy and a fan of eccentricity, so it wasn't until he moved down on the arrival of the guy with the jersey pulled half off and marking something in his book, that I decided I'd risk snapping an image of the entire row; no one seemed to care, although my SLR shutter isn't very subtle

Hey... I know the guy with the half pulled jersey that's writing in his book. That's Mr. J. Lewis... check out Jeffrey Lewis Band. Great music and he makes comics that are pretty good as well. Political, smart, and super creative... I believe that you would enjoy it according to what you are showing thus far on your blog.

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Published on May 17, 2008 10:58 AM.

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