NADA's County Affair

artists and curators, barkers and rubes hanging out on 27th Street yesterday afternoon

the purgatory section of Jacques Louis Ramon Vidal's sideshow/funhouse "The Gamble of Life",

Color Wheel performs in front of the Museum of Miniature Art's table

"Bobo's on 27th", installed inside Foxy Production, linked seamlessly to the street outside the door [image includes artist/co-curator Nick Payne, center, via iChat from Bobo's on 9th in Philadelphia]

Jade Townsend and William Powhida sold their own "lemonade n' shit" all afternoon

Little Cakes had an extremely focused bake sale benefit for the medical expenses of two abandoned and rescued turtles; these stand-in beauties were very, very tasty

I captured a few, too few, scenes yesterday at "NADA's County Affair". The good old hot time available on West 27th Street wasn't just the work of the weather: If every art fair exhibited the kind of creativity, energy and fun at large (and small) on those ancient paving stones yesterday, the organizers would have to ration the public's access with prepaid time slots.