Robert Longo's "Monsters"

Brock Enright Untitled 2008 [detail of installation, with small wooden objects "Computer 1" on the left, "Computer 2" on the right]

[large detail]

Robert Longo [his new ArtCat site is coming soon!] has a curatorial project he calls "Monsters" at Rental. It opened last night. There's one 1999 study by Longo in the show, but each of the some dozen other artists has assisted Longo in his studio during the last ten years. An acrylic and silkscreen on canvas piece by Zander Vaubel has been placed above the gallery desk. Vaubel died in a tragic accident in Brooklyn in 2006 He was 22.

I was already familiar with Brock Enright's art, and that of Paolo Arao, but I think the others were new to me. A number of works stood out even in what was a very crowded reception. Of course I was intrigued by Enright's installation, one of a number of works he expects to complete which will incorporate elements from his dramatic projects. I liked Arao's drawings, as well as works by Michael Owen, Jason Bartell, Garrick Imatani and Eric Schnell. The names of Qing Liu, Julio Gonzalez, Colin Hunt, Owen McAuley, Nathan Spondike and William Latta complete the list.

What about Colin Hunt?

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Published on September 8, 2008 8:22 PM.

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