three wars

Ken Gonzales-Day St. James Park 2006 6" x 3.7" [from his "Erased Lynching Series"]

I always talk about three wars when I refer to the martial abominations wrought by the outgoing administration, and I'm always asked, "Three?". I answer that I'm considering the war in Afghanistan, the war in Iraq, but also the war on terror, which is clearly distinct from the first two, especially as we've been told it will it will go on forever. It's the bogus war on terror for which it was considered necessary to suspend the Constitution and turn at least half of the citizenry into the enemy: suspected fellow-travelers, traitors or terrorists. But this is also the war in which, as we already know, U.S. government operatives and agencies have also been engaged for years in secret lynching operations around the world, as dramatized once again just today by this story: "Secret Order Lets U.S. Raid Al Qaeda in Many Countries"

WASHINGTON (Reuters) Since 2004, the Pentagon has used broad, secret authority to carry out about 12 attacks against al Qaeda and other militants in Syria, Pakistan and elsewhere, The New York Times reported on its Web site on Sunday.

Quoting what it said were more than six unnamed military and intelligence officials and senior Bush administration policy makers, the newspaper said the military operations were authorized by a classified order signed by former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld with the approval of President George W. Bush.

Under the order, the military had new authority to strike the al Qaeda network anywhere in the world and a broader mandate to conduct operations in countries not at war with the United States, according to the Times.

[image from kengonzalesday]