Bushwick L Jefferson stop drawing

untitled (Cocteau heads) 2009

Of course I didn't do the drawing, but I want to share it. There's a lot going on here, most of it by chance. I saw these faces drawn on a very busy ground on an unused advertising board inside the Jefferson Avenue L stop over a week ago and the image I shot then still thrilled me when I rolled through my recent stash today.

This is what the entire board looked like:


Simply magnificent.

Good eye on both counts. I really appreciate this kind of art.

I visited the V&A museum/gallery in London today and within their photography section I found an expression of this type of art that really struck me. The photographer Keith Arnatt, who has a piece hung there, wrote about the conjunction between the banal and the beautiful. His photo piece was a city scape with a building silhouette in the centre distance flanked in the foreground by suburban fences, falling down rails and rubbish piled up next to a bin. Mundane or banal sounding but it was undeniably a scene, as he put it, "Of outstanding natural beauty".