Paul Gabrielli at Invisible-Exports

Paul Gabrielli Dark Movie 2008 single-channel video [large detail still from installation]

Paul Gabrielli Untitled (Stage) 2008 wood, aluminum, glass mirror, steel, light extension pole, clamp-light, light bulb, enamel 78.5" x 32" x 18" [installation view]

Paul Gabrielli Untitled (See Through Rental) 2008 glass, Ultra-cal, foam, acrylic paint, nail, enamel [installation view]

Barry and I weren't able to get to Paul Gabrielli's exhibition, "Closer Than That", at Invisible-Exports until the last weekend of the show. It was a Top Pick on ArtCal for just two days but it would have been there throughout its run had we seen it earlier. My posting some images now of this [elegant and sexy, conceptual, posterior-minimalist, multi-media including a bunch of may-look-like-but-aren't-readymades] installation is therefore something of an apology. It's also meant as a head's up, intended both for those of us who saw it and those who didn't, to be on the lookout for his work next time he comes around.

This excerpt from the gallery press release ends with a provocative question which follows the description of Gabrielli's work as:

. . . experiments in form designed to encapsulate the physical manifestation of a single thought, with all its lyricism and paradox. His pieces represent both interior visions and the very real destruction of the well-defined and corporeal. They stand on the anxious fulcrum of categorization; when distinctions between forms and material disappear, or are made to disappear, what is left standing?

For more information on the artist and on the program of this smart new Lower East Side space, see this interview on the newsletter ARTLURKER with Invisible-Exports owners Benjamin Tischer and Risa Needleman.