Nayland Blake at Location One

Nayland Blake Companion 2006 t-shirt, bubble wrap, trunk 48" x 50" x 9.5" [installation view]

Just about as inscrutable as Matt Mullican, but different. Very different.

Soho's Location One is hosting what the gallery describes as a 25-year survey of Nayland Blake's work in almost every medium. Curated by Maura Reilly, the show is titled "Behavior". Even for a visitor familiar, even comfortable with the transgressive, it seems Blake doesn't really care whether you get much of what he's doing. But then he's something of a virtuoso in this field. You can get lost in this installation, but you won't get out unaffected by some of the images.

Oh, the printed text on the soiled shirt in the image above reads, "GNOME FONDLER".

Nayland Blake Bunnyhole II 1997 steel, nylon, wood and stuffed animal 40" x 7" x 8.5" [installation view]