qi peng's conceptual interviews

qi, aka "The Art Thief", disguised as Hillary

institutional critiquing

Artist qi peng's blog on the Salt Lake City Fine Arts Examiner website includes a number of conversations (which he characterizes, on his own site as part of his conceptual art, that is, "'interviews' executed as a form of collaborative portraits") with artists and art mavens who might be located just about anywhere.

I agree with Ed Winkleman's assessment: While the interviews are just one of the reasons to go there, you'll find some very good talk, notably an astounding exchange with artist William Powhida [hot photo, William], who is guaranteed good company every time. But just before that, you'll find qi's "portrait" of the great and generous Winkleman himself.

Peng's interview with this unworthy fanatic showed up on his site two days ago.

[image from the artist]