JJ PEET at On Stellar Rays

JJ PEET Luxury War Lader Kit 2009 grapes, plaster, sock, brick, aluminum, stolen door knob, steel 8.5" x 21" x 9.5" [installation view]

JJ PEET Middle Management Mustache Prize 2009 oak, copper, icepick, cardboard, plaster, brick, pink paper clip, whiteout, chewing gum 13" x 16" x 9" [installation view]

JJ PEET Untitled acrylic and graphite 11" x 7" x 1"

JJ PEET Buoy 2009 cardboard, plaster, sock, foamcore, steel, vulture feather 56" x 17" x 15" [installation view]

Maybe I'd eventually have thought of it on my own, but it was artist Dan Rushton, to whom I was talking at yesterday's crowded opening of JJ PEET's "The TV Show" at On Stellar Rays, who brought up the word "surreal" in response to something I had said about the terrific floor and wall sculptures which surrounded us. Not being there long enough to do much more with that adjective, I couldn't and still can't say more on the subject, but the reference seemed to provide a warm, familiar place [Breton would be horrified by my adjectives] for the excitement the work had immediately broadcast to me. But if this is surrealism, although it doesn't look like the same as the higher reality that shook up our grandparents during the inter-war period of the last century, I'm all eyes.

I'm going back.

There's even more of an excuse for a return visit since these enigmatic pieces are actually only one element in an exhibition which is built around the artist's own ongoing television program, live and broadcast, and which does or will include during the run of the show a series trailer, reruns, sculpture (subject to alterations), paintings and photographs.

The gallery's promise:

Central to the exhibition is the weekly presentation of a new TV Show episode, broadcasted live by PEET from The Resistants’ local station, and viewable in a TV room in the gallery. The TV Show’s first episode will premiere at the opening reception. Four subsequent episodes will be broadcast live each Saturday at 5pm. Reruns will be on view throughout the week.