Carrie Moyer at CANADA

Carrie Moyer Ballet Mécanique 2008 acrylic, glitter on canvas 80" x 60"

[detail (yeah, that's real sparkle dust)]

Carrie Moyer First Instance acrylic, glitter on canvas 60" x 40"

I thought we had gotten to the gallery pretty early in the show's run, one week after it had opened, but when Barry and I started talking to others about the brilliant, glittering canvases in "Arcana", Carrie Moyer's show at CANADA it seemed that everyone we knew had already seen it. What was also immediately clear was the fact that everyone really liked it, so this short post of images is really for those who haven't yet been on lower Chrystie Street this month, and for those outside of the city who will miss it altogether.