returning to Nikhil Chopra at the New Museum

detail of Nikil Chopra's enormous charcoal mural drawn en plein air on Ellis Island last week

Barry and I returned to the New Museum on Sunday to witness the conclusion of Nikhil Chopra's performance. Bloggy has the story, and more pictures.

We're both astounded that there hasn't been more coverage of this extraordinary piece. The installation itself, including videos of earlier performances, remains in the lobby gallery through most of the winter.

We will be there again tonight at 7 for his lecture.





The last 45 minutes were probably the most moving moments in a performance perfectly matched to the situation of the museum's Glass Gallery, not least because of the changing physical disposition of the people present at the time, inside and outside of the space.


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Published on November 13, 2009 4:09 PM.

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