"Other Spaces" at Center 548

Kristof Wickman Untitled 2008 laminate, mixed media 28" x 18" x 22" [installation view, including a floor section of a work by Jorge Pardo]

"Other Spaces", an elegantly-installed two-week-long show of work by seven artists, curated by Jayne Drost, is located inside Center 548, the latest designation for the former Dia Center for the Arts space on West 22nd Street.

The small temporary gallery has been carved out of a section of the museum's former book store, which had itself been reconfigured in 2001 by the artist Jorge Pardo.

The artists in the show are Palma Blank, Leah Dixon, Sam Falls, Left Coast, Daniel Turner, Timothy Uriah Steele, Kristof Wickman.

I was there at the opening on July 18. Because of the crowd, this image of Wickman's tender, anthropomorphic, warm/hard sculpture was the only clear shot I was able to get with my temporary replacement lens*.

"Other Spaces" closes tomorrow, Friday, at 7.

I'm using my Nikkor 60mm macro (equivalent to 90mm on a 35 mm film camera) while my jammed 18-70 zoom is being repaired; I love the macro. It's a terrific instrument, and for years I used it as a standard lens on my old FM, where it really was a 60, but it just doesn't work if I want to document art inside galleries and studios, especially with the digital Nikon box I use now.