Ai Weiwei has not really disappeared, or been silenced

real sunflower seeds waiting for fertile soil

There are all kinds of artists, millions of ways to create art, and all of them must be respected, but Ai Weiwei is The Compleat Artist, as much as anyone else now on earth, particularly because he is a social activist as well. I call him a saint.

I really haven't been able to completely stop thinking about this man since I first became aware of his art. I was almost immediately astonished by the signs of his courage and the size of his heart, and my admiration for the artist and the man has only grown with each report of his comings and goings. Six days ago the reports stopped. We know that the artist has been "disappeared," and that the man has been silenced, but ironically the frightened regime responsible has ensured by its cruelty and stupidity that an important part of the artist-activist's work continues, and his voice might actually now be louder than ever, thanks to his friends, millions of admiring strangers everywhere, and the power of the modern connectivity on which he doted - and thrived.

I cannot imagine a China, indeed a modern world, without his presence, his conscience and his art. If we deserve the art we get, the government we get, we will have to do everything in our power to see Ai Weiwei return to the people of China, and the world.

[image by An Xiao from anxiaostudio flickr]

Everybody must respect someone's skills or talents as well as someone's right. Ai Weiwei as I have known is a very inspiring artist who really have the bravery to express his freedom of expression through art. They must free him. I admire his courage very much!