the bird

No name yet.

This little guy (gal?) essentially flew into our apartment this afternoon.
I was in the kitchen when I heard a soft thump at the window of the breakfast room. I looked up and saw a bright little fuzzy splotch in sort-of-a-chartreuse hue clinging desperately to a tiny steel muntin.

Fully aware that my next move might determine both of our fates, I opened the abutting window to the very cold air with very mixed feelings. He/she didn't need much encouragement at all, and soon ended up inside. An hour later it was sitting on my shoulder. By all appearances and movements, our guest is a very healthy young adult.

No one knew of any budgerigars in the building. I checked.

By the end of the afternoon all three of us were in posession of a parakeet home starter set, complete with, and this is my favorite, a colorful playgym combination abacus, mirror, feedcup and perch.

I mean, we didn't go out and buy a pet; the beautiful little creature dropped in on us.

When I explained to Douglas, our neighborhood pet store clerk, why I needed just a few ounces of seed, I still thought I had a choice. Maybe so, but he at least cinched my decision with, "Hey, it's got to mean something. Besides it'll bring all that serenity."

But I don't think it's working that way yet.

A better picture soon.

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Published on November 2, 2002 12:35 AM.

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