the media, whom do you trust?

"Surfin' U.S.A."

For those of you who are newly-energized politically, and, impatient, frustrated and disgusted with the starvation rations of the commercial U.S. media, looking around for some really healthy fare, here are a very few online, radio and print suggestions, delivered in no particular order.

Of course each of these will also be useful beyond just the story of this week's events in New York. No more an 80 or 95-lb weakling, even with a little investment of your time, you'll find your friends will come to you for information or counsel (clearly much more enlightened than the competition, you'll also find yourself scoring better than ever in more intimate society; knowledge is sexy).

Democracy Now (national, daily, independent news program - Amy Goodman is terrific!)

Pacifica Radio (historic, self-sustaining educational radio network)

WBAI (even WNYC is useless or worse; go to this New York Pacifica outlook)

The Village Voice (really developing their website lately, but they're still available in print)

Indymedia (sort of problematic, since anyone can post just about anything they want, and there is no editing, but hard to ignore)

a-noise (fabulous, totally hot "participatory webstream," for news as it's happening delivered by the participants and other groovy sorts)

The Nation (weekly, printing since 1865, "will not be the organ of any party, sect, or body," now also online and with email updates)

Common Dreams (enormously wide-ranging progressive news wire)

Atrios/Eschaton (absolutely essential, smart, fecund political blog)

Daily Kos (ditto)

truthout (progressive site with text, audio and video reports of RNC week)

Happy surfing!

[image from Drexel University, Library News; sound from the Beach Boys]

I'm as shocked as anyone to say this, but New York Magazine's weblog:

is doing some pretty good coverage of the protests.

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Published on August 31, 2004 1:06 PM.

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