Michael St. John and friends at Cynthia Broan

Michael St. John In a daze 'cause I found god 2003 plaster, spray paint on wood, atlas, collage, pencil, paper, tape on canvas, pom poms and enamel on wood 98" x 96" [installation view with Barry]

Rachel Rampleman A Glimpse of a Thursday afternoon 2005 UltraChrome ink on canvas 30" x 64" [detail]

Champneys Taylor Still Life with Apple 2004 mini DV 1:55 minutes [still from installation]

"I'm a child of divorce, Gimme a break" is the rummy title of the current show at Cynthia Broan. The artists and the works were chosen for their affinity with the artmaking of the curator himself, Michael St. John. Not surprisingly, given its particularly ebullient character, all of them seem to be having a good time, and this writer was almost all smiles as he shared in it.

A very good, smart show, with no redundancies in spite of the risks of its conceptualization.

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Published on September 18, 2005 7:38 PM.

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