don't expect freedom of speech or assembly in New York

bedlam immediately followed the arrest of the organizer of Cindy Sheehan's appearance in Union Square [the guy in the yellow shirt is a plainclothes punk "kid" who tried to start trouble before the rally began, according to a witness, Kim Arnold, one of the principals of the site where this image was spotted, tanasimusic]

Barry has a very good take on what happened when Cindy Sheehan tried to speak in Union Square on Monday.

No innocent in the ways of our benighted republic, including its most worldly city, he suggests, "They should have added some religious content". ["worldly" is a relative thing here in America]

Incidently, the secondary headline on Sarah Ferguson's Village Voice article reads:

City’s Finest pulls move even Bush wouldn’t have tried

[image courtesy of Mike Fleming via tanasimusic]

Hi James,

Just a slight correction. Mike Fleming is the photographer of the image you are using but the descriptive text about the guy in the yellow shirt is incorrectly attributed. Mike Fleming is a Camp Casey Veteran who offered us those three pictures to use. Joel and I are the "scribes" within the blog. Glad you like what we're doing. We'll keep track of you too.

All the best,
Kim Arnold

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Published on September 22, 2005 5:13 PM.

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