we are all Danes today


This whole Mohammed image thing is almost perfectly ridiculous, but there is one perfect solution to the problem.

Denmark simply must not be left hanging in the wind. There is a popular, although apparently apocryphal story concerning the Danish resistance to the Nazi occupation. Supposedly the aged King Christian X left the palace on his daily ride wearing the yellow Star of David, the symbol which jews had been ordered to display prominently on their clothing.

Maybe it's just a nice story, but whatever its basis in fact, the combined efforts of the Danish population saved from extermination all but a few dozen of the nation's 6500 jews.

Let's put together a wonderful, real story with the material we've been handed sixty years later.

It's time for all newspapers, and all nations, everyone who has a media outlet, to make themselves a common target of those who would threaten the freedoms which support liberal societies.

I believe the images scorned by ignorant or cynical people who do not, or pretend not, to understand our liberties should be shown everywhere, and as prominently as is possible. Now.

We are all Danes today, regardless of our beliefs.

[image via Dutch MP Geert Wilders, who has published all 12 original cartoons on his blog]

It would be inappropriate under the circumstances were I not to mention the significance of the source of the very elusive image I've used and the link I provide. Geert Wilders is more than a little controversial himself.

i think the islamists are interested in the freedom to live how they want to in their own lands. our liberal societies include the practice of any creed or religion from islam to paganism to atheism, etc. but this does not necessarily carry over to other societies. ideally, members of a liberal society would not catagorize and insult masses of people based on the actions of a few. the only reason our freedom is threatened is because we have stood idly by as the american government opresses other nations, violently forcing them to believe what we believe in order to have access to their resources whether it be oil, land, climate, water, cheap labor. it is ignorant to think that, placed in the same position as these people, that we would not rise up and fight a power that threatened our way of life. these drawings didn't hurt anyone physically but they are not making a free society very attractive, especially considering the fact that there are thousands of people who are dying in the name our free corporate society. i wonder what our world would be like if we just respected the different ways that people wanted to live. isn't that democracy? is it possible that an islamic country could live in peace with a secular country? i guess we'll never know.

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Published on February 2, 2006 11:20 PM.

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