Joyce Pensato at Parker's Box

Joyce Pensato Homer 2006, charcoal and pastel on paper 120" x 130" [installation view]

Joyce Pensato Hello Stranger 2006 enamel on linen 90" x 72" [installation view]


Joyce Pensato This Must Be The Place 2006 charcoal and pastel on paper 60" x 40" [installation view]

Joyce Pensato opened a stunning solo show, "This Must Be The Place", at Parker's Box on October 20. I've often said it before, but I still can't even begin to undestand why Pensato is not more widely known and more higly prized than she is. I'd stand in line for this installation, but instead Barry and I were given a surprise private tour by the artist herself when we stopped by the gallery on the afternoon after the opening.

Unfortunately I was so distracted that I neglected to pick up a checklist while I was there. I found information on the gallery site, but one of these images will therefore have to remain pretty much unidentified for now, but like his strange friends this off-Donald seems to be able to speak very well for himself.

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Published on November 2, 2006 12:21 AM.

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