coming soon: Duke Riley at Magnan Projects

detail of Duke Riley's enormous mosaic of the current British flagship in New York waters*

We managed to slip into Magnan Projects this afternoon for a peek at the Duke Riley show, "After The Battle of Brooklyn", opening in just two days. Of course I was totally smitten with the work, even if much of it was still being put together. Don't miss it, even if you can't make it to the opening reception.

I almost never do this sort of thing and I'm not quite sure why I'm now posting this particular preview. It's not as if the artist needs the extra attention, especially thanks to the advance work of the NYPD, the US Coast Guard and the NYTimes. It's already pretty unlikely there will be any room to move inside the gallery on Thursday evening.

we note the carefully-rendered port-a-john and drink cup floating in foreground