play in your own yards, and leave Spitzer alone

William Hogarth Enthusiasm Delineated 1761

This is stupid, if not just evil. No, I'm not talking about Eliot Spitzer. Let him deal with his family; it's not our concern. People are screaming at the Governor about his marital infidelity and announcing or calling for the end of his career. Meanwhile, George Bush's murder count in Iraq, already in the hundreds of thousands, continues to mount and no one will pull the plug or talk about impeachment.

I simply don't care what kind of sex the people I vote for engage in, just as I insist that they not care about my own - or yours either. Murder and other high crimes I care about.

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How COULD you! Why, Spitzer is a hypocrite. And clearly that is an indicator of a failure and thus he must GO.

By contrast, Bush and Cheney--Rice, Rumsfeld, Gonzalez, Meiers, Mucousey, Trent Lott--etc., etc., are doing what they believe in. Therefore, it is JUST. Thus, it is OK for them to tell little lies about Hussein and Al Qaeda and 9/11. They are lies in the name of the Right.

And it is OK to get rid of an evil dictator with a rather botched war because it is the Will of God. So a few broken eggs along the way...OK, a few THOUSAND broken eggs along the way...well, it is for the RIGHT.

It is much less terrible to see those broken, bleeding slaughtered children, men, women, pets; a destroyed economy; a ruined global reputation; a few hundreds of thousands killed, maimed and slaughtered...well, there's just too MUCH to think of.

But a hypocrite who prosecuted the Whore Rings and then fucked one. Oh dear! Please delete this cause a child might see the word FUCK.

Oh, penis in unmarried vagina! The image seers the mind. Eliot must GO!

To preserve the Right.

zieg, dearie.

Agree with you on the sex part, James, but it looks as if Gov Spitzer paid for it with some dodgy, if not illegal, bookkeeping.

Spitzer is suspected of “structuring” which is the intentional structuring of financial transactions involving cash in amounts less than $10,000 for the purpose of avoiding the filing of “Currency Transaction Reports” with IRS and FBI.

Given his history of taking down others for such shady dealings, it's hard for me to argue in this instance we should look the other way.

No one is has any evidence to accuse Spitzer of financial fraud at this time; he may have shifted his own money around to conceal what it was being used for (but ironically, that's how his relationship with a prostitute was discovered), but the man was trying to hide, not steal.

I believe I would be disgusted should it turn out (as today's otherwise very stupid and incredibly puritanical NYTimes editorial reports) that Spitzer has a record of prosecuting prostitution rings if he went after them qua sex operations, but I don't think that is the case, nor would it mean he should have to resign. What he did is certainly no crime; the Mann Act is an absurdity and should have been removed from the code long ago.

Finally, and this may be only a personal preference, but I think it will be good for all of us to retain in office an official who has been publicly chastened for behavior relating to sex. It sure beats being forced to endure the concealed or open tyranny of the "moral" hypocrites we normally see in these positions.