sort of like post cards

Too many things, and I mean too many images of artists' works, are slipping through because I don't sit down often enough to do some kind of blog with an accompanying text.

I've decided to introduce a new form of post, one which would be no more than an image or two with a few scribbled words, although each item will also include a link to more information whenever possible.

As they turn up, I'll designate each of these miniatures with the sub-head "POST CARD" below the subject line at the top.

Barry and I get to see a lot, but we never have enough time to show or talk about most of it. I've always regretted that what finds its way onto our sites is only some of what either of us might find worthy of sharing. Sadly, even the work we do show isn't necessarily the most outstanding we've seen, since much depends on a good camera image, a decent focus on our responsibilities as witnesses, the pressures of a larger schedule, or in my case at least, simply an absence of mind.

I'm sure the modest innovation of an occasional POST CARD or two isn't going to change everything, but I hope it will at least help me to feel less of a truant.

Keep the images coming, I love it!

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Published on January 20, 2006 2:14 PM.

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