"Gay Art Now" at Paul Kasmin

Daniel McDonald Jesus Christ, Vampire 2006 pencil drawing 14.25" x 11.25" framed [installation view]

Andrea Fraser Um Monumonto As Fantasias Descartadas 2003 mixed media (Brazilian carnival costumes) dimensions variable [detail of installation]

Dennis Balk Untitled digital print on canvas 68.25" x 48" [installation view]

Rene Ricard Untitled (Boy Running) 2006 30" x 22" [installation view]

Tom Burr Christmas Collapse 2005 wood, latex paint, metal hardware. galss, paper [installation view]

Ivan Witenstein Help 2006 watercolor and graphite on paper 68.75" x 51.75" [installation view]

It's a terrific title for a show, and an even better excuse for a great press release, but best of all is the work itself. The artist Jack Pierson has curated one of the most arresting group shows of the year for Paul Kasmin's main space on 10th Avenue.

Pierson introduces his choices under the headline, "THE NAME OF THIS SHOW IS NOT GAY ART NOW":

It seems to me the notion of Gay Art is somewhat passé and this show is an ode to its passing. It includes work by over fifty artists, not all of whom are gay, identify as gay, and not all of whom are living. The name of this show is not Gay Art Now. Maybe the link being made is about sensibility, maybe it's about society. –Jack Pierson

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Published on June 21, 2006 12:38 AM.

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