Chad Robertson at Sixspace (Pulse)

UPDATE: a description of the painting's material specifics, furnished by the gallery, has now been added below the image and the comment from Caryn Coleman includes a general description of Robertson's works in series

Chad Robertson Mash Up 3 2007 oil on paper 21" x 30" (25" x 33" framed)

Several entries back I wrote about Heather Cantrell's work in the L.A. gallery Sixspace's booth at Pulse and referred in passing to the work of Chad Robertson. This will probably be my last post on the February New York art fairs, but I really thought I should upload this image before wrapping things up, since I don't see it anywhere else, even on the gallery's own site. I'm assuming it's a very recent painting, but because at the time I was so distracted talking to artists, gallerists and friends (with some overlapping there) and, yes, with scanning a certain amount of art as well, I didn't manage to get the specifics on this medium-sized, somewhat apocalyptic-looking canvas.

Hey James-

Here's some info on the piece. It was indeed brand-spanking new for the fair...

Mash Up 3, 2007
Oil on paper
21 x 30 in. / 25 x 33 in. framed

Chad Robertson’s paintings often relate to social conditions (his zombie series reflects political climates while his grocery store paintings depict the banal everyday); his figurative work explores how people relate to popular contemporary culture and issues. With a particular interest in defining a deeper, truer meaning through his subjects, Robertson stresses the notion that we have the tendency to overlook defining subtle nuances of people and our surroundings. His latest series Mashup refers to the mash-up phenomenon of layering popular, and sometimes opposing, songs (music and/or lyrics) to create something new and original. Robertson mimics this idea - his Mashups compose layers of diverse images (encompasses the entirety of the picture plane) taken from travels, film, photographs, and real life to create a total experience through its parts.