Paul Pagk at Moti Hasson (Scope)

Paul Pagk Lexicon Series #60 2006 oil tempera on linen 26" x 25" [installation view]

Paul Pagk Lexicon Series #16 2004-05 oil tempera on linen 24" x 25" [installation view]

Moti Hasson was showing a number of gallery artists in their booth at the Scope fair, but as Paul Pagk hasn't yet shown up on these pages and I haven't yet seen his current solo show in the gallery, I was anxious to show these two paintings now.

I have however seen enough of his work elsewhere to confirm that they are always even more beautiful than these images suggest.

thanks for the post.
we show at SCOPE.
PULSE is for wimps :)



Ooops. Sorry Moti. I had it right before I published the entry, and then I started a new post and somehow got it wrong. I've done dozens of short items on half a dozen of the February art fairs, and I'm not surprised I managed to slip up - maybe more than this once.

I've now corrected the caption here. My apologies to you and to Scope.