Satoshi Ohno at Tomio Koyama (Armory)



As I'm admiring these Satoshi Ohno images (from the artist's "acid garden" and "prism" series), and several other pictures of his work which I am not uploading here, I'm reminded of the hazards, at least for the visitor, of a crowded art fair booth, and especially a busy one. Tokyo's Tomio Koyama Gallery had a large number of pieces by Ohno at the Armory last month, and while the installation succeeded in attracting a lot of attention in the midst of the serious competition arrayed over these several acres of concrete, sometimes a good drawing or painting just needs to be left [more] alone*.

I apologize for the lack of documentation on the drawings. The fault is at least partly my distraction and my haste.

If the installation of which they were a small part was a little overwhelming, I have to admit these two images aren't really going to be enough to represent a good artist, even in their poor capacity as reproductions of three good drawings. So maybe we should think of each of these shows as essentially just another market fair in an important market town. Certainly one totally appropriate approach would then be for those who rent the stalls to show us everything they've got; we can sort out the fresh produce for ourselves, until we drop from fatigue.

don't ask me why this doesn't apply to the salon-hung, and definitely-not-for-profit walls of our apartment, but my answer would probably be not much different from that which a for-profit gallery might advance: leaving more luxurious areas of white space would mean having to hide that much other good talent under a bushel basket

is this satoshi ohno the idol from japan? it ohno satoshi of the group arashi?

it is ohno satoshi's artwork
the japanese idol of the group arashi...

o my, prism? i think is gorgeous

omg, are these really Arashi's Ohno Satoshi's art? Well, I'm kinda wondering 'cuz they're kind of different from any of his works (as far as I see in his artbook). But they are beautiful!!!!^_^!!!!

this isn't the satoshi ohno from arashi for those of you who are wondering. this is a different satoshi ohno. here is some proof it's the artist not the idol.