Eliezer Sonnenschein at Sommer (Armory)

Eliezer Sonnenschein By the Book 2007 oil on wood 31.5" x 47.25" [installation view]

A number of exciting artists, including Israelis whose work isn't seen nearly enough on this side of the Atlantic, could be found at the Armory once again this year in the booth of Sommer Contemporary. Among the pieces shown by the Tel Aviv gallery's director, Irit Mayer-Sommer, was this beautiful painting by Eliezer Sonnenschein, whose work had first excited me in 2004, when it was part of Sommer's invitational at Lehman Maupin, and who I remember as someone whose output is not easily compartmentalized.

Wow, you didn't miss anything!

Bad bad show! This painting was as well one of my favorite.
Its free smart and incredible.