street art sculpture in Ascenzi Square


Does anyone know anything about this somewhat sequestered seating sculpture sitting in the center of Ascenzi Square?

The triangular square was named the Ascenzi family which once lived nearby. Four brothers fought and two died during the War to End All Wars. Could the four-place bench be intended for these siblings?

ADDENDUM: For those who've asked, Ascenzi square is located in Williamsburg, where Metropolitan Avenue is crossed by North 4th Street.

My Grandfather was Charles Vincent Ascenzi. He was the youngest of the Ascenzi brothers and lived to age 73. My mother Rosalie Ascenzi Aromi is his daughter and grew up in Williamsburg. Charles Ascenzi married Rose "Rozsika" Hetyei and had 3 children. They stayed in Williamsburg and lived on Rutledge Street. My grandmother later became an award winning Master Pastel artist until her recent passing in 2007. Ascenzi Square was dedicated to his older brothers. The square had a regular street sign but in the 1970's it was removed at some point. Our family tried to locate the sign, but was unsuccessful. We were unaware of the bench or the current appearance of the square as it looks today. I would be interested to know how it came to be restored as Ascenzi Square. My mom and I passed by last summer, but we didn't notice this bench. I assume a local artist put it there. It is nice to know that my Great Uncle's are still acknowledged in Williamsburg and that their memory lives on in Ascenzi Square.

I would beinterested in knowing more about the Ascenzi family that this square is named after. MY family is from upstate NY. My grandfather Guiseppi and bother Augusto came to NY in around 1915 and stayed in NYC for a while before moving to the Albany area.