the last hour of Man Bartlett's "24h #class action"

the last balloon

I had contributed something like a hundred or so inflated balloons to Man Bartlett's "24h #class action" the day before, but when I arrived at Winkleman Gallery Thursday afternoon around 4:15, almost 24 hours later, it was too late to add to my score. The artist however had been going strong all that day and throughout the night before. I managed to capture one of the last long, narrow balloons he tossed onto the sculpture from the cubby he had created behind it.

Thousands of inflatables were about to disappear at the stroke of a pin, without ever having achieved a single polished mirror finish.

It was picture time.

the sculptor and his tools

final group intervention commences

the attack underway

last pops/wheezes

empty packaging, sadly showing suggested Koonsian applications