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It was a glitch.

Because of some technical difficulties today, some of my draft posts went out last night in my "jimlog" email and appeared on the site for a while. I apologize for any confusion, and for the aesthetic abomination.

Sometimes I start a post and complete it much later when I have time (or maybe never), and sometimes I use drafts to make notes for potential posts. So, while some of these "drafts" are like post-it note reminders for myself to complete an entry in the near future, some are set up only as raw material bins.

[image, once again, from Benjamin Fischer's "Portfolio Neuordnung"]

untitled (self-portrait with Praktiflex) 1961

Occasionally someone will ask about the brevity of my "about" page, but for years I have put off enlarging it. I suppose it was because I couldn't decide what to put in or leave out, or how formal or personal it should be. I think I've come up with an answer, at least for now. I've kept the original statement on my home page, but I've written an extended and probably sort-of-irritating narrative bio, "more about" on a separate page, where you have to dig for it a little, and where I expect it to languish in obscurity.

Oh, the picture which appears there was taken by Barry while we were crossing to Seattle in a ferry. It may not have been taken yesterday, but it has the virtue of documenting the last time I remember having anything resembling a tan. The picture of me (also showing a tan - hmmm . . . .) included on this page was taken in the entrance foyer of the home in which I grew up.

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