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soft as a morning sunbeam

Once a year for a few days around the summer solstice our great star sits high enough above 23rd Street for its rays to penetrate four stories (plus a few more feet) down through the fire escape to the bricks of the rear wall on the north wing of our second-floor apartment.

Unfortunately the plants out of sight in this image in an open area of our roof terrace a few feet to the right never feel the kiss. They only have the indirect natural light which bounces off the buildings immediately to the north, and in too many cases that's just not enough.

I feel it every time.



Not much is ever left unembellished, or unremarked, in Williamsburg.

This one is thanks to Barry's sharp eye.

special bulletin spotted this afternoon

For me at least this was definitely the most provocative found item of clothing I've seen in our basement laundry room in the eighteen years I've been visiting its splendors. This midnight-blue Speedo even beats the 2(x)ist thong, size 32, I spotted a couple of years ago, since my first serious fetish matured at club pools during long summer afternoons decades before underwear even thought of becoming fashion.

For the curious, the tiny suit on the bulletin board is a size 34. From my own experience this means that in the real world it's more like a 28 or 30. Sigh.

The small silver item immediately to its left is a one-Euro coin supported on the cork by two pushpins.

Ah yes, we are in Chelsea.

Ryan on the left, Barry with the sawed-off shotgun on the right

We hadn't yet left the seductive sidewalk gallery of Eric Doeringer early this afternoon when Barry and I spotted the Humphrey Industries/ open-air kiosk in front of one of the last auto repair garage/receiving stations left on 24th Street (fortunately, like the site Eric had chosen, it too was closed on Saturdays).

Absolutely anyone who knows us would not dispute my claim that neither of us is fond of guns or gun imagery, but I have to admit that Barry and I both found the particular charms of Ryan Humphrey's extensive, if very wooden, selection almost irresistable. In the end however we decided a painted canvas frisbee target (clay pigeon?) was more our style, even if we're almost certain to be back.

some of the merchandise available

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