geometries and abstractions at Whitney at Altria

[I've neglected my blogging duties lately because of holidays, homeywork, guests, sinuses, and the distraction of preparing for a presentation at NYU (more on that in another post), so for a while I'm going to try to make up for lost time by doing only brief art posts with a minimum of text; at least I stayed home and didn't head to Miami]

The Whitney at Altria program previewed its last full-size, two gallery installation last night, where I learned that future shows will not occupy the Sculpture Court (will the building change the name of the space?). Exhibitions will be limited to the confines of the smaller gallery starting next spring. The new show, with the catchy title, "Burgeoning Geometries: Constructed Abstractions", includes work by Phoebe Washburn, Charles Goldman, Jason Rogenes, Jane South, Tara Donovan and Diana Cooper.

I was reluctant to show only one or two images here, although I do have my favorites even in a show as strong as this one. I'm only going to include images of large or small portions of one piece by each artist. Between the problems presented by the crowd, the complexity of the spaces, and the scale of the work (some of the art is enormous) I found it impossible to get full shots of most things. The details you'll see here might do little more than even out an excellent playing field. Especially since for the most part three bold dimensions are involved in each of these pieces, for those who can make it, nothing will do but a physical visit to the site.

Phoebe Washburn Minor In-House Brain Storm 2006 mixed media, dimensions variable [interior detail of installation]

[exterior detail, seen from the sidewalk outside the installation]

Charles Goldman Scrapwood Sculpture (110Gx8) 2006 55-gallon steel oil drum, 100 gallons of scrap wood, 2-way Plexiglas mirror and mixed media 100" x 60" x 60" [detail of installation]

Jason Rogenes Locus found polystyrene, electrical elements, fluorescent lights and cardboard 456" x 48" x 48" [detail of installation]

Jane South Untitled (Tracing Parameters) 2006 hand-cut and folded paper, ink, acrylic graphite and balsa wood 108" x 144" x 20" [detail of installation]

Tara Donovan Untitled (Pins) size #17 straight pins 40" x 40" x40" [detail of installation]

Diana Cooper Emergency 2004-2006 paper, felt, vinyl, acrylic, ink, foamcore and map pins, dimensions variable [detail of installation]

[okay, not so brief after all; maybe the next time]

hi, roberta put a link to your pictures on her own post about the Altria exhibit. So thanks to you and to her. These are super!!!

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