Gavin Green at Outrageous Look

Gavin Green If (A) 2006, and If (B) 2007, both embossed plastic on panel 24" x 24" [installation view]

Gavin Green Hoalam Haba 2006 embossed plastic and mirrored vinyl on panel 24" x 24" [installation view]

Outrageous Look is showing a dozen of Gavin Green's brilliantly-colored and finished abstractions, painted almost entirely with embossed strips of plastic produced by an ordinary home and office label maker. The pieces are each named for the letters, words and phrases which have been punched out on long strips and wrapped around 12, 24 or 36-inch square panels.

Green discussed this series of work in an interview with the director of the gallery, Brook Bartlett. This is small excerpt from the pages which were available at the desk:

The work, if it’s going out into the world, needs to communicate.

Taking things (and words or phrases) that one might ignore, or take for granted, and subjecting them to an inquiry - I try to make work that asks questions. But it’s not just asking a question, it's trying to look into subjects with rigor that I get excited about.

Asking questions, to me, doesn’t have to imply that you are searching for answers; it’s more about the act of asking the question, because it opens doors to the unexpected - it keeps things alive.“