Shane Hope

Shane Hope Chromosome More Clipped Graphite on Atomolecularly Manufactured Cell-ecular Unfolded Docking Decoy Proteins vs. Microbially Scribbled Scriptable Ornamentally Challenged Secondary Structures and Superstring Art, molecules, 2030

Shane Hope Infomorphic Animolecular Flowchart Food Chain of Event Horizons "cause what’s the pointing the Anywayfinding Thanatophiliacamouflage Decoy Decay Rights in a Switchable Habitat that is an Untitled Molecular Assemblage No. -1/3.33"…, molecules, year 203_ [detail]

[full view]

Shane Hope Folk Computronium Laptop No. n+2.22Â…, paint and salvage, actual size, 1776 [large detail of installation]

Shane Hope Goo(f) Ball No π, dark matter demarcations on lesser dimensional bits of tree, year wheneverafter


Shane Hope Kate Kompatronium Kiddies (study) So glowing-growign up in metaprogrammiable mindsplaces thinkin' on nueral interfackes like explosions of fractal phaser phalange-paintings in tiny canonical crystilline light-wave strokes of perv'd-predictive meshes of manchild-in-the-middle hacks. They've lived throuhg loads o’ simmable/searchable/switchable Compile-A-Child™ packages. Most rarely bother trying to build presingularity earthy ergodynamic profiles of neural scatter-state vectors that which can’t fit inside a skull anymore. xNeural-R-Us™ brand add-on pluggend hairports disperse thought bubble halo-dust of morningstar memory-ghosts of exerternalized brane-brains

Hack-hopping proxy teleport servers, there ain’t no tracin’ three-year-olds anymore ’cause they leave-take blanks into public panopticon powder & lace little blobjects of Kill-Fill-Flow-Follow™ to unfold inexplicable malfunction peripheries. Commuication wit’ them requires cautiously accepting location-cached coordinate content advertisments/indicators that have been rumored to induce halting states. Oh, and they can stop “Unaugs” from doing things at will and also tend to draw/build thingamajigs, morph-feral-fog-fabbed into ominous skinless things, all broken angelic-like bio-beastie battlebots.

And better beware of the Biot Babies. Any sufficiently advanced baby talk is indistingquishable from incantations.

outsourced oil on canvas, 72″ X 72″, Posted Two Thousand Sixty Whenever After [large detail of installation]

They're beautiful. But I'm thinking right now, maybe I can get away with not being able to come up with any intelligent comments on these works on the argument that their titles already occupy so much screen space. Naw, I'm just going to have to admit that my real reticence comes from having been totally humbled by the awesome intelligence and fertile imagination of the artist himself.

We visited Shane Hope's studio last month at the suggestion of Stephen Lichty, who has been appointed director of Project Gentili, a new Italian Kunsthalle opening this fall in Prato, outside Florence. The artist will be the space's featured artist in November. I'm going to be very sorry to miss that show.

His art is described by Hope himself as "outsider biotech", and I suppose the lengthy titles shown above (up to 13 lines) might be more useful to those who weren't as stuck in the liberal arts at school as I was. It's a pretty intense body of work, exhibited in a number of mediums, and the artist's passion suggests a mind and a way of life off of any grid of which I'm aware (I was told by Lichty that Hope has mastered his personal off-road BC wheel). I noticed a more conventional [?] model leaning near the door on our way out of his studio.

Although their images are significantly computer-generated, many of the more striking pieces are directed with a hand and a mind inspired by fictive extensions of extraordinarily-complicated scientific concepts. Hope's work is describing a future married to his own imagination, and I'm staggered by the beauty - and the terror - of both the design and its implications.

ADDENDA: This description of the molecular drawings is from Marisa Olson, who was writing about Hope's representation in Rhizome's installation at Scope NY in the spring of last year:

Shane Hope's drawings involve molecular modeling systems—collections of techniques to model or mimic the behavior of molecules—in a process whereby the three-dimensional architecture of molecules is interpreted (or predicted), visually represented, and manipulated.

[first and fifth images from outsider biotech]