Out of sight and out of mind. Our concentration camp in Guantanamo is still off the chart (literally); missing from the Democratic Congressional agenda; "not present" in presidential campaign rhetoric; and, most frighteningly and damningly of all, it still appears to have completely escaped our national conscience.

[fabric color swatch, otherwise unrelated to Guantanamo, from froggtoggs]

For those not already planning on participating, I thought you and your readers might like to know about the actions planned for Washington, DC on Friday, January 11th (which apparently is the six-year anniversary since the first prisoners were brought to Guantanamo). There is more information at the Witness Against Torture website:

10:00 am - Gather at the National Mall for Orientation to Prisoner March (National Mall @ 12th street NW btwn Madison Dr NW & Jefferson Drive SW - near the Smithsonian Metro Stop)

11: 00 am - Permitted demonstration on the National Mall co-sponsored by Amnesty International and National Religious Campaign Against Torture

Noon - Guantanamo Prisoner Procession from the National Mall to the Supreme Court (2 plus miles)

1:30 pm - Funeral Ceremony at the Supreme Court remembering the four men who died in custody at Guantanamo and mourning the death of Habeas Corpus

Thanks for your beautiful post James. Queers Without Borders, Hartford Ct. is an endorser of the Jan. 11 actions in DC. Several of our members will be going to take part in the action. Last year we were among the numbers arrested. Those of us who remain in Hartford will be attending a fund raiser we are helping to sponsor(and will wear orange) to raise funds for the workers in NYC food industry. The Food and Allied Workers Industrial Union is waging a campaign to build a union in the shops. This event is sponsored by QWB, Socialist Party of CT. Capitol Community SDS, IWW. And who said Queers are one issue people???

James I love your Guantanamo Delenda Est! Thank you.

P.S. Getting down to NYC to see the Lawrence Weiner exhibit. Can't wait. Always one of my #1 artists.