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DITCHs on Astor Place September 8th

We spotted the elusive DITCH outside of Harvey Milk High School early in September. The acronym represents the "Dykes' International Terrorist Conspiracy from Hell." the precise name still not settled just one month ago, when we inquired.

Tomorrow afternoon the new lesbian activist group will unveil itself officially, in Lefty-historic Union Square, with a sassy street party, dubbed "Double D," expected to go from 1 to 4.

Time Out New York has a feature article on the group in its Gay & Lesbian section this week, but the magazine is too cheap to put anything on their website, so go borrow or steal it for the picture and the text.

Continuing direct action in the wonderful tradition of the Lesbian Avengers, with continuity provided by the fabulous Maxine Wolf.

"There are a million things that I'm enraged about," declares Marisa Ragonese, 25, before elaborating. "People have elected a right-wing lunatic. Thre are countless issues of race and class dicrimination," she says. "And I still can't walk outside my house without being harassed for being a woman."
Gosh, I hope they can get Max to start using email - even if she won't get herself a website!

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