more on Weakland, spot on!

The New Republic includes the first critical look at the Catholic Church mess in Milwaukee, and makes it clear that this one is not a story of child abuse, the sexual importuning of a teenager, and most probably not even sexual date rape.

Because while all those priests for whom child molestation became the hobby of choice are utterly contemptible, so is someone who poses as a victim in order to extort money from a church.

The only quibble I can find right now is that the author neglected to ask whether the payment of the $450,000 blackmail payment was the decision of the Archbishop alone, of a committee of some sort, or even one kept out of his hands entirely by the hierarchy (Rome?) Weakland after all, has so far maintained almost complete silence on the matter, citing a privacy agreement with his lover.

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Published on May 30, 2002 1:54 PM.

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