Israel attacks peace protesters

Not really a news development, as the peace activists who have been regular targets of Israeli attacks know well, but it would actually be real news over here, except that it's not in the news. The reason neither the existence of such groups nor the official assault on their activities is covered by our media is political, not because it's too routine to merit report.

My friend Steve, an American leaving at this moment for his flight to Israel and Palestine, just emailed myself and others this comment, accompanied by a link to a story and dramatic photo from the Israeli daily Haaretz:

"If you're asked why Palestinians don't engage in
non-violent protest (they do), or why Israeli and
Palestinian peace activists don't work together (they
do), you can point to this not at all unusual Israeli
police/army attack on a joint Israeli/Palestinian
peaceful protest."
We don't get the full story here, in the country which virtually invented the free press.

[I expect to share with others, on this log, Steve's reports from the Middle East over the next several weeks.]