keeping silent about the occupying troops

We can't help Dan'l. Dan'l can't help us.

It turns out that he was not being sarcastic when he ended his account of being handcuffed and searched by subway soldiers with assault rifles sunday night by saying, "anyway, i have to say that i feel safer after all this than i did before...."

Barry and I, and many others who read about the incident on his site or on mine, had a different take on his experience and we wanted to report it, make a formal protest and get it to the media, believing that there was still a possibility we could make a difference amid the ruins of our republic.

But without Dan'l we can't help him and he can't help us.

We're scared to death and the bad guys are way abead.

Giving it one more try, this afternoon I got through to Councilmember Chis Quinn's office [in whose district our sightings and Dan'l's assault and arrest occurred] to ask what the office knew, and to seek her help, but they knew less than I did and told me what I already knew, that if my friend was not interested in complaining there was nothing they could do. Her assistant, Jeremy Hoffman, is however going to consult with Congressman Nadler's office and make serious inquiries with the Mayor's office, the Police Chief and the Office of Emergency Management. Continued silence is our most formidable enemy.

If we can't have a role in the decisions which direct our fate, we can at least hope to make those decisions more visible. Let's at least throw some light on the fungus while it is working its destruction.

Speak up, act up, fight back, fight tyranny!

well, I didn't want to say anything.... but yeah, I was pretty sure he was serious when he remarked that he felt "safer" because of the experience - and I fear many others may well feel the same way - we want THEM to DO SOMETHING (it doesn't have to be wise) --- and did he really get ARRESTED? I wasn't sure if that's what he meant, and then, what would be the charge?

He was arested. It doesn't matter whether he now thinks he was arrested. He was seized and held for an hour under what was represented as the authority of the law.

The fact that he was not, could not be, charged with anything only adds to the abomination. In no way does it challenge the fact of the arrest.

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Published on February 20, 2003 2:21 PM.

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