leaving us with a little bit of rights

Isn't there another real New Yorker out there right now besides Jimmy Breslin?

Today he writes, just before citing Wayne Barrett in this week's Village Voice, that he usually doesn't quote other people, "because as I have just said, I am interested in my own voice." And what a voice! For very good reasons, I'm not very interested in my voice, so here are some quotes from Jimmy's column today, on the subject of Mayor Bloomberg's idea of free speech:

[Bloomberg had said after the march on saturday that people who wanted to protest certainly had the ability to do so. Breslin quotes him here as the Mayor elaborates.] "Maybe not as much as they'd like, but given that this is a dangerous world, I thought the Police Department did an excellent job of balancing the rights of people to say what they want to say with the needs of all of us, and all of them, to provide security for everybody."

I don't know where Bloomberg gets that from.

I don't know where he gets the idea that anybody can be pleased with any situation in which the right to assemble can be blocked and the right to speak can be thwarted.

I don't know where he gets the idea that he can judge how much free speech I want.

The answer is, all that my voice can stand.