"Parade For a World Without War"

Ok, this is the one, this is the one! This is where we want to start to stop the war--and Bush! Meet on the steps of the New york Public Library Main Branch at 11:30, saturday the 15th.

From the site:

Calling all misfits, revelers, puppetistas and drummers, musicians, singers and loud hummers; samba bands, hungry marchers, jugglers, baton twirlers, fire eaters and artists of all stripes; ravers, beehives and vikings, billionaires for bush, gore or perma-war; radical cheerleaders, reclaimers of streets and critical massers; church ladies for choice, drag queens and kings, radical rockettes, perms for perma-war, church of stop bombers, missile chicks, babes for bombs, students for an undemocratic society, new kids on the blac bloc, those united for peace and justice and anybody and everybody who thinks that this war is absurd. [sorry, no mimes]
A festive and theatrical CARNIVAL BLOC FEEDER MARCH to the massive anti-war rally on February 15th. Organized by Mobilize New York and Reclaim the Streets.

On February 15th, hundreds of cities around the world will be hosting huge protests against the rush to war. This will be the largest global day of protest in history. In New York City alone, more than one hundred thousand people are expected. And we will be there, making it all look (and feel) fabulous.

From the steps of the NYPL we'll parade/party en masse to the United for the Peace and Justice rally, likely to be at the UN. For details on the massive rally we are meeting up with, see www.unitedforpeace.org.
Bring Mardi Gras Beads, costumes, instruments, drums, beats, boom boxes, dancing shoes, noisemakers of all kinds, bring posters and banners and puppets. Bring yourselves and friends. Be prepared to mock the Axis of Oil without mercy.
MoveOn.org reports today that the New York City Police Department still has not approved organizers' request for a permit. Yeah, I know.
The event in New York is scheduled for noon on the 15th, but the New York Police Department is making it difficult for the organizers to get a permit for a march to accompany the rally. We're certain it'll be worked out -- a legal complaint was filed this morning in the Federal District Court in Manhattan and we expect that a mutually acceptable agreement will be reached soon. We'll let you know as soon as we have a final word on the location to go to.