"Gay is good"

Our good friend Bill Dobbs writes us that there may be something in the old slogan, "Gay is Good," coined by Dr. Frank Kameny in the summer of 1968.

A 20-year-old marine corps reservist in California is seeking conscientious objector status.

"My moral development has also been largely effected by the fact that I'm homosexual," Funk said in his application.

"I believe that as a gay man, someone who is misunderstood by much of the general population, I have a great deal of experience with hatred and oppression. When someone is thrust into a situation of hate and oppression because of factors they have no control over, I believe they either react with hatred back, because they've experienced it, or they learn not to be that way towards others. I have adopted the latter reaction and stand with the oppressed people of the world who know that hate and oppression do not solve any problems."

Dobbs email continues,
Funk's pursuit of conscientious objector status has garnered a fair amount of ink in major newspapers; the coverage I've seen, including the New York Times, has failed to report that Funk is a same-sexer - missing not only a most important facet of his life but a major angle of the story.