reading to dead Iraqi children

In an interview with the brilliant and gloriously political playwright Tony Kushner, Cleveland Plain Dealer theater critic Tony Brown quotes him on the subject of our unelected one:

"We're seeing this sort of grotesque, illegitimate recrudescence of the Reagan political agenda that was solidly rejected in three straight presidential elections," Kushner said. "Bush started with no political clout after the electoral college fluke and the political theft of the elections process by the Supreme Court. He'd be in the toilet now if he had not benefited tremendously from 9/11."
And there's more:
"He wants to secure oil markets by unilateral military action and give back as much as possible to the very rich. If he didn't start this war and if Congress hadn't given up its war powers, what would we be doing but watching Wall Street swooning, unemployment going up and the economy tanking. This guy is a catastrophe. He's given away the goodwill of the world and turned America into a rogue nation."
Oh yes, we can soon expect to be hearing more from Kushner. One of his latest works-in-progress, titled "Only We Who Guard the Mystery Shall Be Unhappy," is described in the Plain Dealer article as a play about Laura Bush and the nature of evil.
The first scene, excerpted in the March 24 edition of The Nation, features first lady Laura Bush reading from Dostoevsky's voluminous "The Brothers Karamazov" to a group of dead Iraqi children.

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Published on April 3, 2003 2:36 PM.

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