state murder

This is barbarism.

Think about it.

Barry shot out, "It's no wonder this administration is opposed to the International Criminal Court!" Or any court, apparently.

For a take takes not in debt to any gosh darn mainstream media interest known to humanity, see dKos.

I cannot help being cynically redemptive about this: At least the US had the guts to send out some of its troops to do this 'job', instead of flying a Predator UAV and killing people FROM THE AIR using a joystick like they did in Yemen, or earlier in this war!!


We make such a big hooplah about killing these two men whom have never attacked the United States. However no one mentions that the State Department was wisking out Bin Laden family members in the US over to Canada on 9/11/03. While Rumsfeld was taking Muslim Americans working at 7-11 who had no credible links to El Queda into custody, we were protecting Saudis who knew Osama and who had the billions to fund the WTC attack without even asking them "friendly" questions. Why? Saleem Bin Ladin was one of the initial investors in Arbusto Oil, Bush's first oil company. Now Bush is using this murderous slight of hand to distract us from his aiding and abetting the family of a real terrorist.