be gentle with Ashcroft and Cheney this week

I wrote late last night about Ashcroft's marketing visit to New York next week, and I titled the post, "talk to Ashcroft Tuesday." While I was at it, I might also have mentioned that although he has declined to grace us with the Chief Monkey's presence at "ground zero" on Thursday, Dick Cheney himself will be coming instead.

At this point across the breakfast table the Barry reminds me that it was Cheney's Halliburton which, right up to Cheney's appointment as vice president, did big business with Saddam Hussein, who of course was responsible for 9/11, according to Cheney. Sublime.

[The Fort Wayne paper begins its news story on Bush's no-show with, "Wait till next year," reminding us that in 2004 Bush "will accept his party's nomination for reelection at the GOP convention in New York City nine days before the third anniversary." Later the article frankly discusses the virtual certainty that Bush would now have gotten booed in New York. Wait till next year.]

Were I not sufficiently awed and affrighted by the terms of their "Patriot Act," I would have written not about talking to Ashcroft, and now Cheney two days later, but rather about driving them both out of our city and back to their war bunkers, which should then be sealed forever.

But I didn't say that. Nope.

[image from The Upsidedown Culture Collective]

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Published on September 6, 2003 11:32 AM.

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