talk to Ashcroft Tuesday


You are not busy this Tuesday at noon - not until now.

This just in, from people who keep their eyes on the Constitution and on those who would destroy it:

On Tuesday, September 9, Attorney General Ashcroft will visit New York City to attend a closed meeting with law enforcement officials to build support for the USA Patriot Act and impending Patriot II legislation. Hundreds [no, make it more!] of New Yorkers will meet his arrival and gather together to tell John Ashcroft to stop his attack on the Bill of Rights and to affirm and uphold our rights and liberties.

Join United for Peace and Justice, the New York Bill of Rights Defense Campaign and a coalition of dozens of civil liberties, immigrants' rights, peace and justice organizations, and political leaders on Tuesday, September 9, at 12 noon on Wall Street and Broad Street, for a rally for the Bill of Rights.

Today the government can get a secret warrant to search your home without telling you until later.

Today the government can monitor your Internet use, read your emails, and examine your online purchases.

Today you can be detained without access to a lawyer, without being charged with a crime.

Today the FBI is authorized to monitor your political and religious activities.

We can only guess what tomorrow will bring.

The United States is at risk of turning into a full-fledged surveillance society. The fact is, Orwell's vision of "Big Brother" is now, for the first time, technologically possible.

[image courtesy NPR]