Reza's in New Jersey

Yea! I was just about to write to Reza's travelling companion/friend David Hyslop, wondering why we haven't heard a thing about his run since July, when I found this story on the Newsday site. I assume it will be in tomorrow morning's (Sunday) ediion.

He's gone through 12 pairs of sneakers and run about 3,700 miles, all in the name of peace. He has been undeterred by rough terrain, or by immigration officials who detained him. And now, Reza Baluchi plans to finish his journey in New York City on thursday, the second anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks.
Reza is somewhere in New Jersey right now, but he should be at the World Trade Center site in five days. Now there's a real alternative to a deadly Dick Cheney star turn or "9/11 families" demonstrating about tombstones rather than inquiries.

More details as I receive them.


I would like to know what happened yesterday with Baluchi. Did he make it? Are there any websites where I can check about it? I read about him in runner's world magazine and I would like to know how has he being doing and if he made it to NYC and how it was.

Thank you

I just posted a report. Reza was very delighted to be here. Didn't see Rocky. I met Dave, who was carrying a beautiful blue sign, "WAR IS NOT THE ANSWER," and everyone there was very happy. Reza's next thing not yet decided, but they hope to drive back across the country in the RV, returning it to its generous owners.

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Published on September 6, 2003 11:05 PM.

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